The Hat Game: How To Play, Ideas and Downloads

The Hat Game is a fantastic low–tech team game for families or any group looking to have a good laugh! It’s like charades but longer and funnier.

We’re on a mission to bring this hilarious game to as many people as possible and help cheer everyone up a bit. This site has everything you need, including full instructions on how to play the hat game, suggestions to help you get started and even a complete download and printable guide on how to play.

The game itself is very simple – you have a hat full of slips of paper and each player has to communicate what’s written on the paper to their team, without using any words written on the paper. Teams take it in turns, with one minute each to communicate as many things to their team as they can before passing the hat to the other team. The brilliant part of the game is that you have three rounds of increasing difficulty using the same slips of paper.

There’s not much more to it than that – click here for the full Hat Game Instructions.


If you love the game as much as we do, check out the fantastic set we've put together which contains everything you need to play in a beautiful little box!

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